• Sharolyn Mathieu Vettese, President of SMV Energy Solutions, was presented with the 2015 ICCO Scotiabank Environmental Leadership Award by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario.

  • SMV Energy Solutions has the expertise in energy generation, and conservation; engineered design and manufacturing; and project management.

  • We help companies save money by conserving energy, and becoming more energy efficient

  • Don’t be caught in the dark

What we do

At SMV Energy Solutions, we provide up-to-date solutions to businesses on energy conservation and efficiency in areas that affect a company’s bottom line. Simple smart solutions are provided with a focus on reducing energy costs, and implementing cost avoidance initiatives.

In the News

22/01/2016 - Paris, France

Adoption of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

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Our Services

SMV Energy Solutions has the expertise to assist businesses and manufacturers to reduce or avoid energy costs. We also can help implement cap and trade, and corporate social responsibility guidelines.


SMV Energy Solutions is the distributor for Lambrecht meteo products, scientific instruments for environmental monitoring. Localized data for climate resilience.

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